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Dining Table Packing :-

Your dining table is packed with utmost care using wooden c rates and corrugated sheets to prevent any damage and scratches. 

Hardware box :-

After dismantling the items at the time of packing the entire bolts, accessories and keys are kept safe in a unique hardware box, which makes it very easy to locate the related tools during the time of unpacking and re-arranging.

Car Care :-

Your dream car is protected with utmost attention and imported sheets especially designed for cars prevent it from the scratches during the transit. 

Glass :- 

Tube Packing The most delicate of glasses is also safe with our unique glass tube-packing which prevents the edges and corners of the glass from chipping off. 

Perfect Box:-

Your articles will be totally safe in our 'Perfect Box' made from solid plastic unlike the usual cardboard cartoons which tend to absorb moisture during rains, with damaging consequences. Multiple storage, it will be used to pack crockery and all fragile goods. 

Crockery :-

Your precious crockery. Cocooned in an apt material which can even transport a single egg over India'sroughest terrain. 

Puja Idols :-

We ensure that our packers maintain perfect hygiene before they pack your puja idols. And also ensure that they are strategically placed on top of the load to avoid any damage and properly mark the cartons to ensure total devotion when handling. 

Furniture :-

Though your furniture may be child's play for us, we still display a parental approach in the handling of your precious furniture 

Special Packers for every Special Needs :-

This is Kamat Packers  ‘A’ Class at its professional best. You can be sure that a ‘team’ of packers will carry out the operations. For example, your electronic items will be packed by electronics packing experts. Similarly with your crockery, wooden furniture, artifacts, clothes, etc. 

Article Stickers / Labels / Tags :-

Once packing is done to avoid marking and a fix the the above labels on cartoon boxes and fragile items enabling due-care and for your identification of articles

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